It has been heard that the Volkswagen group and Google both companies are working together to develop a new level of safety standard and easiness to manage current traffic situation in the town. At the technology conference “Web Summit 2017” in Lisbon, Volkswagen group and Google announced broad research cooperation in the field of quantum computing. As a part of this initiative, a team of specialists from Google and Volkswagen will work together on google quantum computer.

So what are quantum computers???

What are quantum computers? Simply it is a model to build a computer. Quantum computers are those which make direct use of superposition and entanglement like quantum-mechanical phenomena to perform on analytical data. It uses quantum bits which can be in superposition states unlike of binary digital electronic computer which uses binary bits which is always in either definite states (0 or 1). Quantum computers can solve certain highly complex tasks considerably faster than conventional supercomputers. A solution will only be possible with quantum computers in some cases.

Quantum computer in automotive industry
Quantum computer in automotive industry Image 1

n this collaboration, three development areas on the google quantum computers have been focused by Volkswagen group IT. Those are the development of traffic optimization, to invent structure of new materials especially high-performance battery for electric vehicles artificial intelligence with new machine learning processes.

Quantum computer in automotive industry
Quantum computer in automotive industry Image 2

What they said??
Martin Hofmann, Chief Information Officer of the Volkswagen Group, says:” Quantum computing technology opens up new dimensions and represents the fast track for future-oriented topics. We at Volkswagen want to be among the first to use quantum computing for corporate processes as soon as this technology is commercially available. Thanks to our cooperation with Google, we have taken a major step towards this goal.”

Quantum computer in automotive industry Image 3

Hartmut Neven, Director of the Google Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, says: “Volkswagen has enormous expertise in solving important, real-world engineering problems, and it is an honor for us to collaborate on how quantum computing may be able to make a difference in the automotive industry.”

In the first phase, the Volkswagen specialists are working on the further development of traffic optimization. They are building on the research project which they have already completed and now want to consider additional variables like urban traffic guidance system, available electric charging stations or vacant parking spaces in addition to reducing traveling times.

In the second phase, they will optimize the structure of high-performance batteries for electric vehicles. In the third phase, development of new machine learning processes to be developed which is a key technology for the development of an advanced system which is necessary for autonomous driving.

For Your Information:

The Volkswagen Group is the first automotive company in the world to work intensively on quantum computing technology and they announced its first successful research project completed on that: A traffic flow optimization for 10,000 taxis in the Beijing, China.