One of the imperfection to the car design is UI (User Interface). It contributes in the usability and appearance. Drivers action-reaction, response all these are part of UI. Upcoming UI is the advance in all the attitude which was wished till the date.

Google and Electric car manufacturer Polestar will be partners in this User Interface. Polestar 2 will be the first car in the world with a truly future-oriented software setup which means that It will come after every release and updates itself automatically every time. This car will have Android-based operating system which remains connected to the internet and updates over the Air. Finally, an intuitive and driver-centric UI. Guys, remember that it’s not a smartphone. It’s a car!

Polestar will have specifically designed and adopted application such as Google Maps, Google assistance for in-vehicle experience. Google Play Store allows you to get application in-hand just like your smartphone in Polestar 2.

You will also find many other features you were missing since long. Google map has more than one billion users worldwide and there’s a reasonable choice of having Google Maps on their vehicle which remains updated every time and features like real-time traffic. You will find this navigation app pre-installed on Polestar 2. So you don’t have to get to your phone while driving.

Other feature many of you were missing is advance voice assistance. Google Assistance allows you to control each and everything you want to such as change the song or control the temperature. Assistance naturally responds to the user with the help of machine learning, language learning and speech recognition.

Owner is the key

Polestar 2 will use the user’s phone to access the car. The UI wakes up incrementally and responds to the user’s presence. As the user approaches, the screen wakes up and shows limited information like charging status, remaining range etc. when user gets in, the sensors in the driver’s seat send command to UI for the further access to other functionality.

This user friendly UI will make a difference in the trend of usability of the User Interface in car.