If you are a car owner, I would suggest you few things to always carry in the car. These things can help you in many undesired situations at any time during your travel like breakdown situations, health emergency, or in any other precautionary measures.

I will classify these things in some categories further.

1. Necessary documents:

If you are roaming out in your car anywhere, you should have the following documents.

RC (Registration Certificate) book
Driving License
PUC (Pollution Under Control) Certificate
Insurance papers

These all must carry without saying…! 😜

2. Technical products for breakdown emergencies:

All the important things listed below will help you in your crucial situation if you are carrying these, of course.

Owner’s manual: This is the basic helping guide for your particular vehicle make and models. You can get lots of technical information and also learn how to perform certain things like jump-starting the car, tire changing, recommended tire pressure, etc. in a safe manner. You should always keep it in the glove compartment of the car to make it handy anytime. In case someone lost it, one can get it through the authorized dealer or in some cases online, too. Don’t forget to put a pen and paper along with that. You will thanks me later 😎

Tire changer Kit: One of the most important things to carry if the tire changing kit. It should include lifting jack, spare tire with enough tire pressure, socket wrench to remove-refit the tire, hand gloves, wheel chocks to prevent the vehicle rolling, puncture repair kit for a safe side, and tire inflation pump with pressure gauge if you can afford. To know, how to replace a punctured tire with a spare wheel, you can refer to the owner’s manual.

Emergency Triangle: In case of any breakdown, this is very important that other road user can easily get to know a car breakdown to prevent any accidents. Carry emergency reflective triangle that is visible at any time of the day and night.

Jump cables of Jumpstarter: In two cases either a car is parked without started for a longer period or user left some electric consumer on when left in parking, the battery will be drawn partially or complete. In this case, the user can not be able to start the car at his/her own. At that point, a jump cable or jump starter is required. If a user can’t afford a jump starter, he/she must buy and carry jumper cables. The thing is that another vehicle is needed to jump-start a dead battery car with jump cables.

Aqua Can: Aqua can mean water can, can be useful to fill up the windshield washer fluid or in the coolant tank as well in case of a leaking cooling system. Users can reach a safe place by filling water in the coolant system as frequently as required if the cooling system is leaking.

Tow Hook: Tow hook is required when no option is left except towing of car. Whether a car is towed by a towing van of any other vehicle, tow hook is much needed. User can also carry a strong towing cable if can afford.

Fire extinguisher: All above this was the important thing and fire extinguisher is also includes in that. A car is having its own powerhouse as well as many electrical components including lots of wiring harnesses. Due to many reasons, fire can occur. A good quality fire extinguisher can help the user in this type of accident. An owner should also keep the eyes on the refill or expiry dates while having one.

Duct tape: Duct tape can be used in a car to temporarily repair any kind of damage. Duct tape is a durable tape with a sturdy backing that resists water. Hence along with some plastic repairs, It can fix a coolant leakage hose, too. Having a good quality duct tape can be useful in some crucial situations to fix something in the car.

3. Things for health and safety:

Along with the necessary documents and a few technical things, a car user should also carry a few things for health and safety while traveling. Here I describe each of them.

First Aid Kit: First and most important health companion is a good first aid kit. God knows when you are going to need it! Users should carry a good one which is having Antiseptic bandage & cream, cotton, cleaning & disinfecting liquid i.e. spirit, and other creams for rashes and burns. That’s it. And always keep eyes on the expiry date of the kit.

Hand Sanitizer: If you were not carrying a hand sanitizer until today, you should start carrying a good one (Which contains at least 60% alcohol). As everybody knows the whole world is going through a critical condition due to the COVID19 pandemic, hand sanitizer should be one of the key products to include in our daily routine. Keep it handy in your car and use every time you get in.

Trash Bin: “Cleanest place is the happiest place” There are lots of things is used in cars, like paper towels, tissues, food packets, etc. which is to be managed in a good manner. Keeping a trash bin in a car will help this. Inappropriate ways of throwing waste products in the car can cause germ growth which is harmful to the user. Hence better to use a trash bin.

Water Bottles: On average, a human body contains water 60-63% of total body weight. It’s very important to balance water in our bodies. While traveling always carry enough amount of drinkable water in the car. My recommendation is to keep one water bottle in every door trim of the car.

4. Other convenient:

These things will make you travel easier if you carry along.

Paper Towel and Tissues: I didn’t know that paper towels and tissues are different things 😁 until I wrote this blog. But yes, both these are different according to the application, method of making, etc. A Paper towel can soak the water fallen on your seat or any interior compartment. So It can be your quick cleaning option. Likewise, tissues can be useful for personal usage. Keep this along with. Your girlfriend will appreciate you..!

Travel charger or power banks: Should I tell you why to carry these? Unfortunately, this world has become smartphone-addicted. It’s a terrible thing if your smartphone battery becomes dead. Using a travel charger or power bank will stay you away from this terrific situations.

Reusable carry bags: I’m assuming that your mom or any of your near on is a shopaholic. So instead of buying a new carry bag every time from the supermarket or shopping malls, always force your self to carry and use the reusable carry bags for each shopping. And also be a part of a better environment for the future.

Torch: A rechargeable torch helps when you stuck anywhere in remote areas during the night time, finding the cause of breakdown under the engine hood, finding something under your seat any many more.

Umbrella: It’s not necessary to always carry one umbrella but in monsoon for sure. A wet yourself will make the car interior wet and that is bad for your’s and the car’s health as well.

These were my ultimate suggestion for the things which should every car owner carry along with, most of them every time. And I also assume that all the cars in the market nowadays, have enough space to take them with. According to budget, requirements, applications, you can change yours from within.