According to a recent study, by J.D. Power India 2018 customer satisfaction Index (CSI), Mercedes-Benz India archives highest points in after-sales service satisfaction with a score of 903 ( on a 1000 point scale). The study says that compared to pocket-friendly cars, luxury car owners prefer digital and smooth methods for future appointments, payments and getting post-service follow-ups.

This study output is based on responses from the 301 customers who bought a new car in this segment between March 2015 and August 2017, while the study was held from March to August 2018. Now it’s the sixth year and study measure customer satisfaction with after-sales service by reviewing the five factors.

  1. Service Quality (30%)
  2. Service Initiation (18%)
  3. Service facility (18%)
  4. Service Advisors (17%)  and,
  5. Vehicle pick-ups (17%)

Majority of the luxury car owners will still get an appointment for their future service visit over the phone while 16% of the all prefer to do this via after sales website or App. Owners also desire for being informed digitally for their vehicle status, from which 61% wants to get updates via text/email or app.

Following are the main considering of the study

  1. Home/ Office delivery after service improves satisfaction: Overall satisfaction from all the luxury brand whose vehicle was delivered to the owners after service is 40 points higher for compared to those who have to come back to get their vehicle back. i.e. 916 vs 876.
  2. Website/ App issues deter customers from scheduling online: Most users don’t use the Internet for service jobs. Among them, 36%  don’t do so because of the time limitations and 53% says scheduling service online on website or App is difficult.
  3.  Same-day service expected, preferably within three hours: Overall satisfaction of customers whose vehicle gets ready within three of few hours is higher than those whose takes more time i.e. 910 vs 868. 74% of the users had their vehicle serviced within the same day.
  4. Satisfaction with dealer service drives customer loyalty: Among all the satisfied owners, 89% says that they will definitely revisit their service dealer for the next visit, compared with only 33% highly dissatisfied owners who want the same.
Score comparison between few top brands

As the above image shows,based on a 1,000 point scale, BMW scored 884 points and Audi scored only 851!!!

Source: J.D. Power India 2018 CSI study