The two well-known automakers, Daimler AG and BMW Group are going to introduce a new joint mobility company offering the things that are easy to access and fulfilling the needs of users. Through this idea, the customer will use connected eco-system fluently which may include carsharing, ride-hailing, parking, charging and multimodality from a single source.  This idea will become an attractive solution in the connected world for a better life.

“The future of mobility is being shaped in major cities. With the ecosystem we are planning, we will create solutions for tomorrow’s urban mobility: intelligent, seamlessly connected and available at the tap of a finger. We believe this will improve the quality of life in major cities.” said Harald Krüger, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG.

Our vision is to create a major global player for seamless and intelligent connected mobility services together. As a hub for creativity and innovation, Berlin is exactly the right location for our plans. said Dieter Zetsche,  Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and head of Mercedes-Benz Cars.

This joint venture will comprise the following services.

  1. Multimodal and on-demand mobility with moovel and reach-now: The user will get seamless connectivity between different services like car sharing, bike rental, taxis, and public transport. This will also offer a possible solution to the needs of urban private transport.
  2. Parking with ParkNow and Parkmobile group: Helps to find on-street or off-street parking with digital parking solution which is currently in service in Europe and North America serving over 27 million customers in over 1100 cities. This reduces the time searching for the parking space and reduces traffic by 30%, too.
  3. Carsharing with Car2Go and DriveNow: Allows better utilization of vehicle and reduce the number of vehicles on road.
  4. Ride Hailing with mytaxi, chauffeur Prive Cleaver taxi and Beat: Through an intelligent app GmbH, one of the leading ride-hailing providers in Europe and South America, is already rocking the market, having 15.9 million customers and 250,000drivers.
  5. Changing with ChargeNow and Digital charging solution: Easy access to the world’s largest network of charging station. Combine with parking privileges in cities, this will support the expansion of electromobility, by helping people integrate this drive technology more easily into their mobility needs.
The milestone of mobility services of the BMW and Daimler AG

Hope this venture will bring seamlessness in the connected mobility services and life will become easier.

Credits: BMW officials and Daimler AG officials