Mercedes revealed the world’s most powerful four-cylinder series production engine which is 2.0 turbocharged inline four and said to be featured in all new compact Mercedes-AMG of ’45’ model range.   

Mercedes-AMG engine M139

This new variant is hand-built under the Mercedes-AMG’s new program ‘one man one engine’ in Affalterbach, Germany at AMG’s engine factory. This will produce in a specially designed production line in which a driverless transport system is used to help the technician in making the engine. It is said that this new method can reduce production time by 20-25% enabling it to produce 140 engine per day combining both shifts.

This engine will come in two, base and s variant. Base variant produces 382hp at 6500 rpm and 354lbft of torque between 4750 to 5000 rpm. It has a peak rpm of 7200. Where S variant produces 416hp at 6750rpm and 369lbft torque in between 5000 to 5250rpm having the same redline of  7200rpm.

Both the variant have a twin-scroll turbocharger with which s variant can produce 2.1bar ( 30.5psi) of boost whereas in the variant can produce 1.9bar (27.6psi) only.

Twin-scroll turbocharger

Talking the component of the engine, chill cast aluminum made engine blocks resulting in dense and high strength structure. Crank assembly made of forged steel crankshaft and forged aluminum pistons which allows low friction and high strength. Cylinders are having nano slide coating which gives mirror-like finish producing less friction.

It has both type of injectors in one single package. As per demand, direct piezo direct injectors and solenoid port injectors play their role in fuel supply.

Redefined position of injectors and spark plugs in the head and enlarged size of exhaust valves. As it has Camtronic variable exhaust valve timing, it gives full power at high rpm and better feedback at low rpm.

This engine series will debut with the all-new A45 hatchback followed by CLA45 and GLA45 model series.

Credits: Mercedes-AMG officials