UK government is going to do a trial of ‘noise camera’ for the next seven month roughly.

The aim of reducing the noisy cars on the road is set by the Department of transport. In this trial, warning and educational training programs are used to tackle this issue.

This system will only detect illegally modified exhaust and the noise caused by maintenance irregularities. It will also catch the drivers who pedal higher than the legal limits.

In this system, the noise camera will detect the noise level and verify them against suitable limits to send a warning letter to the driver of the loud vehicle. For accuracy, it will take into account the surrounding environment, speed of the road and category of the vehicle. The arrangement is set to save data on the noisy vehicle online.

The current noise limit for cars in the UK is 74dB. But wait, no fine will be charged during this trial period of seven months. They said this system will help to make the law in the future. If this trail runs successful, the system will roll out in the UK.