Here we have presented the video of the world’s longest drift performed by BMW-The ultimate driving machine. It is done with their all-new BMW M5 who is driven by the world record driver Johan Schwartz, Refuel driver Matt Mullins and Refueler Matt Butts.

In this record, the M5 was driven continuously for 8 hours on the track without even stopping for fuel. For refueling, they have an additional BMW with a Refuel driver and a Refueler, who helped them to refuel the drifting M5.

The previous record was for about 89.55 miles and 549 laps. This new record by BMW is of about 232.5 miles and approx. 2000 laps. Hence the all-new M5 has proven that It’s the Ultimate Drifting Machine, too. Watch this video.

Credits: BMW officials